Mobile App & Web

Great code delivers great experiences.

Development at Mad*Pow isn’t just about turning designs into code. We engage with clients at the forefront of an engagement to understand their platforms and the data we can leverage, and to create a solution that is creative, secure, and attainable. While our projects come in all shapes and sizes, our goal is always the same: great code that delivers a great experience to your users.

Full-Stack Solutions

From client to server, our senior team will guide you through to a seamless integration. Whether we’re creating an IOT-enabled mobile application, building AngularJS and React web applications on top of your services, or designing and deploying the entire solution using NodeJS and AWS or .NET and Azure, we guide the design process to support the experience you expect, documenting and testing our work throughout the process. That way, the solutions we develop not only meet your immediate needs, they set the foundation for the future.

Creative Technologists

Spanning the gap between visual design and code, our Creative Technologists have studied both design and development. In addition to a knowledge of modern web technologies — including frameworks such as Angular, React, Foundation, and Bootstrap — and adherence to inclusive and accessible methodologies, they bring a skillful ability to look at code with a designer’s eye, making them an effective team for delivering quality code and engaging responsive web applications.

“To us, development isn’t just a single step on the project checklist – it’s a process of constant collaboration with clients and other Mad*Pow team members to ensure the final product meets the client’s needs precisely.”

- Chris Dahlen, SVP App Dev

Mobile & Web Application Development Offerings

iOS and Android Development

Our mobile team specializes in iOS and Android development, using native and hybrid technologies. Integrations with proprietary and third-party services, BlueTooth health sensors, and frameworks like Apple HealthKit and Google Fit allow us to deliver apps that deliver exquisite, focused experiences on top of robust solutions.

Component Libraries and Style Guides

As more companies are progressing towards the creation of an encompassing design system, component libraries are becoming vital in contributing to a successful internal workflow. Our team expertly partners with yours in order to deliver reusable, well-organized assets which provide the building blocks of your project, meeting your needs now and in the future.

Health Care Innovation

Health technology solutions are our speciality. Whether we’re connecting to a Bluetooth medical sensor to read and respond to a high blood pressure reading in real time; integrating with machine learning-enabled diagnostic solutions; or delivering an FDA approved digital companion to support a drug launch, our HIPAA-certified developers are ready to find innovative solutions to your problems.

Content Management Systems

We bring deep experience and no prejudices to our CMS practice. From .NET experience platforms such as Sitecore and Kentico to open source CMSs like Drupal and WordPress, we help you through the selection, setup, and execution of the platform that’s right for you and your needs.

Quality Assurance

Quality begins with sound functional requirements and extends through the entire project lifecycle to include a robust suite of test plans, test cases, and traceability matrices to help map identified defects to requirements. Our continuous integration and build processes round out the picture to ensure that the final deliverables are as rock solid as possible.

Mobile & Web App Approach

Our approach to developing digital solutions leverages a cross-functional team of researchers, designers, content strategists, and developers. We embrace an agile process for delivery and incorporate the best of design thinking and lean experimentation.

Digital Solutions Approach Diagram