Tanya Scales

Tanya Scales

Senior Creative Technologist

Originally a transplant from the outskirts of Chicago, Tanya moved here and instantly fell in love with the beautiful landscape and large selection of craft beers. Her self-diagnosed video game addiction and proclamations of being a native water-dweller have gone far to acclimate her into our amazing development team.

As a Creative Technologist here at Mad*Pow, she’s excited to make a positive impact in healthcare. With previous years of experience in patient care at a wellness center, Tanya is in tune with some of the pitfalls and frustrations that health care providers and patients encounter. She aspires to improve both patients’ and providers’ healthcare experiences by keeping patients informed so they can make the best decisions for their health and allowing providers to focus on patient care by creating systems that are intuitive and efficient.

In addition, Tanya wants to tackle some of the difficulties faced by companies trying to unify their brand. Her ambition to create highly structured design systems only scratches the surface of her goals in this realm. In addition, she is quickly becoming an advocate for web accessibility within the company. Her hope is to take this to the next level by maturing into a resource for the entire development community.

Tanya’s pursuit of web design and development at Full Sail University not only led her to Mad*Pow (which we’re beyond excited that it did) it also became one of her biggest achievements. She not only earned a four-year degree (B.S. in Web Design & Development) in 2.5 years, she graduated as the Salutatorian and received many Course Director awards.

We’re not surprised that Tanya’s inquisitive and explorative mind-set extends beyond Mad*Pow’s doors. Outside of the office she is either riding horseback, hiking in the White Mountains, practicing photography, sewing, or satisfying her inner foodie while travelling around the globe.

Tanya has been involved in implementing front-end code on several large-scale redesigns for a number of our clients. Her aim to thoroughly understand the project and the organizational needs of the client from a holistic standpoint supercharges her output on every project.

Examples of Tanya's Work

WEX required a complete redesign of their consumer-facing website which needed to take into account an internal organizational merger of their company at the same time. The organization’s need for content creators from different lines of business to have specific access level on the site and guidance on a new deployment workflow for their development team were just two of challenges faced and overcome during this project.

She is passionate about creating accessible ADA compliant code. Her knowledge and experience in web accessibility (WCAG, ADA, 508) are highly sought after and becoming more and more requested by clients of all sizes.

Check out some other projects Tanya has been on:


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