Sarah Esaa Hassonjee

Sarah Esaa Hassonjee

Experience Researcher

Dr. Hassonjee spent four years in medical school and two years in residency before deciding she wanted to be an experience researcher. She’s not the only doctor on our staff, just our newest!

Sarah transitioned from clinical medicine to design because she wanted to help create better healthcare experiences for patients and providers. “Everyone who interacts with our current healthcare system knows that it’s broken and rife with opportunity for innovation, and I believe that purpose-driven design provides the kind of optimistic, unconstrained environment necessary to challenge the status quo and effect meaningful change,” she says. And we agree.

She graduated from Columbia University with a BA in English literature before earning her medical degree from Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons. She was a resident at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Like nearly everyone in our experience research group, she loves that “moment of clarity when an overarching theme suddenly emerges from the seemingly messy and chaotic bits and pieces.”

When she needs a break from all that work stuff, you’ll find her reading contemporary literary fiction, learning about functional medicine, and re-watching Gilmore Girls.

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