Josh Rose

Josh Rose

Principal Application Developer

Josh Rose thrives on solving complex problems, so Mad*Pow is the perfect setting for exploration of new tools and methodologies to do so. His determination is rewarded by his ability to distill the complexity of the technical side of the project down and explain a potential implementation in a way in which a non-technical client can understand.

He may have fallen into the web world in college just to pay the bills, but it ended up playing a greater role in Josh’s life than expected as he discovered an endless supply of challenges to solve. He was most recently a director at Genius Switch Studios where he built a development team and process. Prior to that he held senior development positions at Liberty Mutual and PixelMEDIA.

Josh’s curious and adventuresome nature leads him to proclaim himself ‘jack-of-all trades, master of none’. His long-term hobbies range from traveling to participation in the Society for Creative Anachronism…while his newest interests include beekeeping and learning Icelandic.

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