Aidan Hudson-Lapore

Aidan Hudson-Lapore

Behavior Change Designer

Aidan comes to Mad*Pow with a background in Cognitive Science and Industrial Design–a result of the Brown RISD Dual-Degree program. Aidan fits right in with our Behavior Change group because she is passionate about using science and design to deliver positive social impact. She firmly believes that rigorous research, testing, and collaboration with the people who will be affected by the final product or service is essential to responsible design.

In addition to promoting health and wellness, Aidan is interested in exploring ways to productively apply design to issues of ethics, climate change, sustainability, effective communication, and civic engagement.

Her downtime is as eclectic as her work hours are focused. Outside the office, she takes time away from the screen by cooking up a week’s worth of curry, swing dancing, rock climbing, or plotting ways to simplify her life.

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